How My Small World Rapidly Got Bigger While Working Abroad

No Wahala!!

Those were the first words I learned when I moved to Nigeria four years ago for my first internship abroad. In Urban Dictionary the meaning of “No wahalla” is translated with “No problem or no big deal” but there is no way to cover the whole meaning with those translations.
Somehow over the years the idea of “No wahala” helped me to find great opportunities even in the biggest hustle.

During the internship I was working for a business incubator and got in touch with lots of great people. It was also around this time, when I got infected by a virus called “Entrepreneurial Spirit”. This virus came along with the experience of living in a different country for the first time.
Apart from feeling great personal development, the time abroad enlightened me a lot about the meaning of mentorship and the importance of surrounding yourself with inspiring people.

It took four years until I reached out for this kind of experience for the next time. Sometimes the seed of a great idea needs time to prosper in a protected environment to become a beautiful flower. For me this protected environment was a little town called Aachen in the tri-state-area of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

My Erasmus Time In Istanbul

I was able to find paths to keep following my passions and leaving my comfort zone in ways which were not as radical as my first experience.
My involvement into IAESTE helped me to share my range with members from all over Germany and get in touch with inspiring spirits from all over the world. I started working for a department at my University, where I was able to gain a lot of experience within new approaches of learning and digitalization as well as the development of communities. During different events and the involvement with an entrepreneurial club I was able to feel more about the special spirit around Entrepreneurs.

More and more I felt the desire to widen my knowledge of virtual communities and collaboration to extend the circle of people who are able to benefit from those communities.
Somehow with the end of my studies approaching, I felt a thirst that couldn’t be satisfied in the comfort zone of Aachen anymore. I felt that I had to get away from my accustomed environment to learn more about the topics which sparked my fire.

My eggshell needed to be cracked once again, to give me the possibility to spread out my wings.

I urged to bring together my passion of diverse cultures, communities and learning. The chance to spend Erasmus in Istanbul seemed like a great opportunity for that, but I already knew from my experiences in Aachen that only attending University and Erasmusparties would not fulfill my desires.

My StartUp Experience In Istanbul

I started searching for further opportunities. Thanks to Angellist I discovered the chance to work with a StartUp called Socialeyes in Istanbul.
They were young and passionate but able to prove lots of experience from prior projects.
It was exactly what I was searching for. There it was right in front of me: My chance to influence and help nurturing the development of a new community from scratch on.

During this time I was fortunate to be chosen as a volunteer to work at WebSummit. I was able to meet the people involved in Socialeyes at this event. There were 20.000 entrepreneurial minds gathering including already broadly known like Drew Houston, Danae Ringelmann, Tony Hawk as well as soon to be known like the teams behind Konoz, ClassDo, Socialeyes and many more. The event helped me to get in touch with some inspirational spirits as well as some great ideas of creating impact with the means of digitalization. This event as well as meeting the people behind Socialeyes encouraged my feelings that I was on the right track.

The time I spend working with the people of Socialeyes is more than an internship. From beginning on I was an equally entitled part of the team and the development we went through together. Working with our team was a beautiful chance to gain new insights about myself as well as deeper experience in international team-working. I learned a lot about the Needs of Users and how to come up with creative approaches to implement improvements as fast as possible. During the first month since our launch there were plenty of great chances to learn about the development of communities and collective effects in small and global scale.

Using Socialeyes to enrich my social life here in Istanbul became custom.
After my first Midterm in Istanbul yesterday, I was able to switch from Bookworm to Night Owl again with only few taps.
What’s your mood right now? Don’t hesitate and try your first steps on Socialeyes to find friends who want to join you…
This post not only got you curious about the App but also about how working with this great international team enriched my life?
Become part of our ambassador program, get infected by the spirit and stay excited how our plans to spread global will enrich your life as well.

If you are interested in working with us, just send me a quick mail via david(at)


By the way: I found a perfect prospect to become our first university ambassador for Pakistan yesterday (while listening to some very nice turkish live music). Thanks to him I learned that a well-known idea of spreading viral on the web was born in Pakistan. I am sure he will help us find better ways reaching out to the world. :-)