Voting third-party may be meaningful in the 2016 US election
Matthew Ivan Bennett

People, like me, who live in place like Chicago get the privilege of voting for whomever we want. Because the race isn’t that close in states like mine. Illinois is going Hillary no matter what. SO… really, only a handful of swing states face that type of conundrum. Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Michigan, etc… If you don’t live in these states it would be strong strategy to vote third party. A smart movement would point this out and target the “no-brainer states” New York, Illinois, California, etc… And then encourage the tight races to vote to where the third party is most politically aligned (either the more popular conservative or liberal candidate). Jill should push to open up politics and not just win the election. There’s a win-win here where the third party doesn’t have to be a *cringe* “spoiler”. I mean, really, you aren;t going to see Hillary campaigning around here… it’s a waste of her time and money. Likewise, she probably won’t spend much time in Georgia. That’s where Jill Stein and Gary Johnson should go to make their case. And a good case could be made as long as they didn’t threaten a win for the other side

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