Katie Philo

…is a writer, digital producer and podcaster for the #WhenIGrowUP show.

👽 What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since focusing on your passion?
👽 I’m not sure if it’s weird, but it feels unusual to me at least… Since starting my podcast, I’ve felt so much more at peace with myself and the world. As someone who is very ambitious and forever striving for the next thing, I’ve found focusing on my passion has brought about a great sense of inner peace (even if it does involve a lot of hard work, which isn’t always peaceful). Other things include having complete strangers reach out and say they enjoyed an episode. It blows my mind to know people are listening around the world.

🥓 How did you get into your work?
🥓 I’ve wanted to work in broadcasting from the age of 13, when I appeared on a Children’s News Show on the BBC interviewing Madonna. I love storytelling and all forms of media — including radio, TV and digital, so it’s always felt inevitable that I’d work in this industry. And it’s been such a varied ride so far. I’ve worked across every genre, platform and media imaginable. That’s probably the beauty of this area of work. My podcast is a side hustle and stems from my love for sound. I made a New Year’s Resolution in 2017 to start a podcast and it took about a year and a half to actually get cracking, but I’m so glad I did. I’m still working out what I want to do and learning to enjoy the process so much more.

✨ Who/what are some sources of inspiration?
✨ Friends doing cool stuff. I find inspiration in people who I can relate to, as it makes my dreams feel more achievable. I’m lucky to have worked with loads of talented people at the BBC and so many of them have got side hustles. From illustration, club nights to podcasts, they’re all smashing it. Emma Gannon is someone I really admire too, as she’s created a multi-hyphenated career based around her interests. New York as a city is also a huge source of inspiration to me, its energy is contagious. That said, the ocean and nature is also really important to me.

📲 Favorite apps?
📲 Apple Podcasts because I am a Podcast fiend, Color Story for editing photos for Insta, WhatsApp for staying in touch with my friends and family back in the UK — and plaguing them with Voicenote monologues, Spotify because if I’m not listening to a podcast, or leaving a voice note, I’m listening to music 
Calm for when I can’t sleep (Stephen Fry’s sleep story is the perfect lullaby)

🎙 Favorite podcasts?
🎙 This is like making me choose a favourite kid.

- I love the High Low for a dose of current affairs — Pandora and Dolly are simply fantastic 
- Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon — From Seth Godin to Elizabeth Gilbert, she interviews really interesting people
- Soul Music from BBC Radio 4 — for anyone who is in awe of the emotional power of music, you have to listen to this. It’ll make you cry.
- Desert Island Discs from BBC Radio 4 — an absolute staple. I’d recommend Russel Brand, Keith Richards, Gwen Adshead, David Nott, Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton to start… 
- WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life, Snap Judgment, Ear Hustle, The Guilty Feminist all deserve a shout out too!

✌️ What social stigma does society need to get over? 
✌️ Mental Health — we all have it and we all need to take good care of it. I also think that we need to take off the sheen Social Media gives life. I recently interviewed a prominent Psychiatrist for my podcast and she told me how important dealing with difficulty is… running away isn’t often the answer and that’s something I’ve really learned this year. Perspective is everything.

💼 What are you currently working on?
💼 I run social media for BritBox, an SVOD service in the US and Canada, created by the BBC and ITV. I also have a side hustle in the form of a podcast called When I Grow Up, which is an opportunity to interview fascinating people about the trials, tribulations and joys of growing up… I want to show people life isn’t always as perfect as Instagram would have you believe!

🎧 Listen to her how here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/when-i-grow-up/id1401068333?mt=2

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