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Dakota, your clarity inspires me and reveals one road to processing the nearly unthinkable horrors committed. We can think beside you. How can it be that the world that doesn’t notice such a sickened mind soon enough to prevent crimes? How does it happen that we do not foresee this kind of character development, that evil is allowed to somehow continue to fester with no human development? Your awareness elevates humanity as we understand.

I thought I was speechless but I do want to say you demonstrate the best in humanity by sharing with care what was committed so heartlessly.

Thank you for the gift of your words and experience so we can all learn to recognize the lessons for our society and ourselves who look the other way when cruelty is just a blip and the underlying violence is unseen. The unthinkable must be understood.

I am here, reading whatever you write. Witnessing your journey through your reflections as you cultivate some further understanding and peace.

You are stardust, you are golden, you are the unbearable lightness of being. We will grow with you, as you heal.

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