Yes, but I assume this is a person you won’t interact with again.
Sumant Manne

Mine was my boss. Marilyn’s was a stranger in a store. Nora’s was, at first, a drunk, at a Still Kickin’ booth, and later, when she explained her thoughts on the internet, someone made a crazy rape comment, saying she’d smile if someone raped her. All different situations brought up to illustrate the nature of our experiences — with differences and similarities. The overall is that strangers who are drunk are more easily thoughtless, even when appearing to be trying to flirt and it can be very unpleasant and lead to an escalating situation. Nora should not have to hide from the many who supported the rape comment. That’s the world, right now. People can carelessly say violent things. We try to educate people to help them become more human by responding in the present but some people take it further into their horrifying comments about rape being something to make a woman smile. Deluded and crazy people exist. Nora was bringing the rape comment up as a cultural norm that needs to be changed. That’s my understanding of all we’ve said.

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