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Please don’t go back there. Life is short. Every moment precious. What if we do NOT have to go to our in-laws? What if we build our own adulthood by working at what we value and using our downtime to truly, honestly replenish ourselves, that we may return to our work? The work of our lives is not to go back to play a role that serves no one. Adulthood includes separate capacity to reason, perhaps with the help of a thoughtful mentor, to consider our own meanings and what we each deem as worthy ways to build and accomplish and contribute our gifts. To value our gifts, we may allow ourselves to release the expectations of others. This is the process of separation and individuation, a building of capacity. Your piece reveals your courage to see when you’re offering something that creates no real value to yourself or others. Why torture oneself with hollow experiences that have no value or meaning, if we can do better?

I so appreciate that you’ve shared this moment of near-recognition that there’s something better than this kind of experience. Beautiful and so much a part of human development.

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