I am a Recommend Whore
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Wow! This is a fascinating way of connecting — thanking your recommenders. Sweet! I am so busy with all my many life projects and never have enough time on Medium to get through all the pieces I crave, but it was really exciting to be included in a list of recommenders who noticed there’s a person behind all your words that’s clearly asking to be encouraged and deserving it for being human and also for your daring, your generosity of spirit, your writing honesty, your cleverness and your listing us all up for easy reference!

Thanks for including me and for sharing your writing and clarity about life, every step of the way. I love your list and recognize wonderful writers, on it. I like this personal appeal to connect — it pulls me out of my own bubble of activity to notice connection is always possible.

The questions remain — what does it take to be satisfied with the recommends you get, to keep writing for the joy and learning of it, and to keep stepping towards others? Are there never enough recommends? I long for others, cannot depend on them to be the way I want them to be, but continue to learn what they are. And what I am. And what I can improve. It’s a cycle of work and serenity, 24/7.

That’s my Sunday update. Ok, maybe I’ll drop everything, now, and read Sonny’s article, too. :)

Enjoy your Sunday, August!