Everyone strives to be the best they can be. Unfortunately, the best you can be is not the best at all. Even more unfortunate, it’s not even close. Many people in this world want to be leaders; so they say. Colleges want leaders. They want people who take initiative, but also have a kind heart. When you enroll twenty-thousand students, how do you expect them all to be leaders? Maybe I’m taking this the wrong way.

I attended an educational seminar the other day, where many alumni of UC Berkeley came to speak to us about their program to help students get into the school of his/her choice. By alumni, I mean very old alumni, but they’re wise and some are now professors. One of the speakers is one of the admission counselors for Harvard University. It was an eye opening experience. (aka it made me feel like total shit)

So, they say top tier schools mainly focus on extra curricular activities. It makes sense, because the students who apply to those schools would obviously have a high SAT score, or an above-the-roof GPA. I plan to go to a top tier school, but if you have seen my habits you would laugh at my choices.

Signature Projects
Signature projects… A project that solves a social problem. My first idea was to try to create classes so people can learn more English, because I think communication is so important. I chose this because since I came to America, I have adapted to the environment and of course learned the language. My parents on the other hand, they still speak fluent Chinese and are slowly learning bits of English. I’m the complete opposite. I use to be fluent in 3 Chinese tongues, but now i’m struggling to even speak the language my parents speak at home. So here you can see how communication between my family can be a bit difficult for me. I want to break down those barriers any other family might have. Not only does it apply to families, it applies out in the social world. In the seminar, the audience was shown a video of this very bright kid. He is focused mainly on politics and his main goal was to try to include the Asian community in more elections, or any other political matter. My project relates to his because the problem is that many Asians do not know what they are voting for, or have any sense of clue as to what is going on.

Language barriers can be tough, but that wall can be broken down. It takes dedication and patience to learn a new language, but the offers America has to give makes up for it.

Wow, my first article and all I did was ramble and ramble on. OH WELL

Off to do homework, like I was suppose to do… (checks what time I started article)

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