STOP. CollaboRaise and Listen…

I want to talk about a problem we have in the fundraising sector.

Too many of us are struggling with our cross-team working. Our processes get in the way. We feel our expertise isn’t valued.

We spend too much time sending Word documents with tracked changes back and forth, getting more and more frustrated about a specific line that we love and “they” don’t.

Fundraising teams need to work well with colleagues in digital, in marketing, in comms. Each team member is an expert in their bit of the world. But our processes and structures aren’t necessarily set up to facilitate working together and everyone ends up feeling a bit fed up.

Maybe things are working brilliantly in your org because some people have taken the initiative to build their personal relationships, and worry less about The Process, and just get stuff done. Great! Until one of them leaves and they have to start again.

It’s no-one’s fault that this arises; it’s a factor of how team structures have evolved organically over time and of how the world has changed. We haven’t had time to really take stock of what working together could look like in the space we operate in now.

Which is why I want to help you to CollaboRaise.

Ok, of COURSE I can’t use “CollaboRaise” with a straight face — but I thought of it and it seemed too good to waste it, so it’s here. I’m not even sorry, and you KNOW some agencies would deadpan brand their product in this way.

But in all seriousness, I want to help charities fix this problem. It’s such a waste of time and energy and opportunity.

I have developed a framework to work with key stakeholders to:

  • identify and explore the sources of tension
  • work together to identify solutions

It sounds really simple when put like that. Maybe you could look at doing something yourself — and if you do: great! But there’s a huge benefit to having this kind of work facilitated by someone external. Someone who has no investment at all in “the way things are currently done”. Someone whose external-ness will allow participants to be really open and honest about their challenges. Someone who will use careful questions (and, importantly, silence) to empower your teams to work together towards solutions.

Someone like me.

So, if you think you could benefit from someone like me working with you on something like this, get in touch and we can explore it together.