Today I am officially unemployed.

Not in the ‘taking a couple of weeks until I start my next job’ sense, but really and truly, no idea what will happen next, excitingly, deliciously unemployed.

I decided before having my second baby that I would not be returning to my job, but instead, after taking a year off, explore working in a way that would fit around my family life. Going solo. Aptly, my official last day of employment was Dec 31st so I start 2018 with a blank page on which to start etching my future.

Come April, both of my boys will be in childcare for some of the week, freeing me up to work. So in the coming weeks I will be turning my mind to thinking about who I am in this new model.

What kind of work do I want to do?

What sorts of organisations do I want to work with?

What will my weeks look like, ideally?

I’m mostly excited, and a little trepidatious. I am building a list of people who have offered to share their wisdom over a coffee – the charity sector is packed so full of generous people and I know I will learn huge amounts when I take up these kind offers. But first things first: I’m going to hit Paperchase in search of obscene amounts of beautiful new stationery, because #priorities.

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