Better Yes’es and Saying No —

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say Yes to Anything

The “weeds” seemed to only get taller. The hamster wheel was still exhausting. I felt I was letting myself down, as much as others. Despite feeling like I was getting better at saying “No, Thank you!” little seemed to change.

I ended up saying “no” to everything for six months, because I had over committed so badly.

Then I created these questions to get better at saying “Yes!” to the right opportunities — for me.

Use these and soon they will become second nature. You will have more control and soon your intuition will help you know whats right before you get past the first question. Enjoy!

1. On a scale of 1–10, how well does this opportunity align with my …..?
-what brings me greatest joy
2. What is my true motivation for possibly accepting this opportunity? [ Financial, Exposure, Ego, Resume, New experience ]
3. What is my intuition saying?
4. What changes will I have to make in our processes to accept this opportunity?
5. What are possible barriers to the success of this opportunity and how big are they?
6. What will the profit be vs time and talent investment?
7. If I say yes to this, will I still have the bandwidth for a better aligned opportunity?