Good, fast or cheap. Can you have all three?

We all know the saying “Good, fast or cheap. Pick two of the three. You can’t have all three.”

What I’ve noticed ( 100% of the people I have worked with, or interviewed ) is that people with both the StrengthsFinder themes MAXIMIZER & ACTIVATOR in their Top 5 naturally bring excellence and start things fast. It is NORMAL operating procedure. Not a premium.

Since — excellence and fast — is all they know and assume all are like them, the often UNSPOKEN expectation is that everyone around them will be quick and produce excellence, ALL the time.

Frustration sets in when this doesn’t happen. They take things back onto their plate because others can’t do things “as well” as them. Everyone is frustrated. Some blame others.

This is what I have found to be better, especially if you are an entrepreneur….

In addition to better communication of expectations, here is what I feel is also essential…..

….. the people on your implementation team should also have Maximizer and Activator ( so they are in alignment with what you innately value ) in their top 10 AND also have Strategic and Achiever/Discipline or Focus so the right things ( solid full picture strategy ) are moving fast and actually getting completed ( your sweet spot is more of a starter than a finisher ). A great combination of alignment/doppelgänger and complement.

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