There is a limit to what others can do for you.
Puneet Srivastava

Thank you for your astute observations and wonderful comment Puneet Srivastava. You are correct, no one can cure us, but support is vital.

You made some great points about exercise, meditation etc… those are proven methods that help with the healing process! First and foremost, the person must seek help if it’s become part of their life and it’s taken over their life. They may need medication to get through the counseling and other aspects of the illness. Once some healing takes place, they can begin to seek out the activities you listed which are healthy and increase endorphins too. I began power walking again, using my elliptical and dancing! I’ve also been in therapy called EMDR, I will write an article about this therapy soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It sounds like what you are doing sure is helping you!

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