Forgotten Friendships
Katyan Roach

Well stated Katyan Roach. As I read this I thought of my cousin who grew up in Scotland. We were pen pals from 3rd grade through my early 30's. We never met but I felt a bond with her as if we had.

She surprised me for the first time when I was 31 and called my home on NY’s day. I was busy and my husband answered the phone. He told her I was ‘tied up,’ then asked who was calling and he made sure I took the call. It was fun but an awkward call since we never spoke to each other before. She also had a strong brogue and at times I had a hard time understanding her but I thought the call went well.

After we hung up my husband informed me that he told her I was tied up. I never heard from her again. I did let 3–4 years go by before I tried seeking her out but she had since married, divorced and her brother who was mentally handicapped gave me the wrong number.

To this day I have not been able to find her and I often wonder if she thought we were weird because of the lingo my husband chose. Maybe she thought I was literally tied up? It’s hard when you build a bond with someone over many years and are unable to find them.

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