Dear Mr. Sivers,

I thought about applying. But to go from zero to President in one leap would not be honorable. It is not what our community expects from their next leader.

One of my most hard-earned qualities seems to be honor… to a fault.

It took me decades of making mistakes, correcting mistakes, apologizing for mistakes, and not repeating mistakes for me to realize that honor should be quality number one in an applicant for any job, whether it be President or Mailroom Clerk.

Honor provides room for the growth of other Presidential qualities such as dignity, patience, and tolerance.

I know you will find a swell President to lead your team — and likewise that team will do its best to make honorable decisions as they create new paradigms for our industry and its global community.

Thank you for alerting me to the job opportunity. I look forward to hearing who makes the cut.

with love,


ps. I am so sorry that the earthquake in Wellington did a number on you and your neighbors. As you well know, opportunity can come from a shakeup, but only if honorable people step in to lead. Please send to them my heartfelt good wishes.

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