How to become the happy person you always wanted to be (11 ways practiced over centuries)?
Sajid Rahman

I very much enjoyed your essay. A good reminder and reinforcement. I know that it will give direction to many readers. I do agree with Willem about the footnote Call Out Plea for hearts and shares. It undermines the intent of your message. I too, as a story writer here on Medium, fell into the trap of tagging my stories with a plea for readers to like. I did this because other writers before and beyond me do so. It seems to be the Medium way. But moving forward, I want my ideas and stories to stand on their own merit and messaging.

With the start of 2017 I ceased with this begging-habit and tagged with a simple appreciation of thank you for reading.

This takes care of your bullet points 1, 2, 9 and especially #11. My next story? Perhaps an expansion on this idea.

Thank you for reading (and writing)… I *Like* that you are in the Medium world with me.


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