An Overview of Rebump An obvious Extension for Email Marketing

There are different strategies for online marketing. One of the most popular and traditional marketing strategies is email marketing. This is a good way to reach your audience.

Though this is not a new strategy, there are some ways to improve. For example, you may send a lot of emails to your customer, but when he is busy, he will not check the whole mail. That is why you need to send follow up emails to let him know what he is missing. But, if you want to do this thing manually, it will take a lot of time. But you can solve this issue with Rebump.

Rebump is a Gmail extension which will send follow-up emails to your recipients. You can customize the follow-up mails as you want. Once you have setup all the process, no need to do anything else. Rebump will do rest of the work for you.

How Rebump Works?

The only thing you need to do is install the extension in your browser. In your next campaign, just add Rebump with your mail, and you can then relax. Installing the extension is so easy. You need to make an account in Rebump, and then you can add the extension to your browser.

Once you have done all the processes, you can sit back to your wok. Rebump will monitor the email thread to ensure your campaign success. Rebump will wait for a reply from your recipient. If the person replies on your email, it is OK. But, if the individual doesn’t respond to your mail, Rebump will send automatic follow-up mails to him. This is a continuous process. Rebump will send emails again and again to the person. It will continue sending custom follow-up emails on a particular interval. So, there is no chance that the individual is missing your mail.

Response Rate
According to the statistical data, it has found that on the first bump, 10% people reply to the mail. In a similar manner, on 2nd bump-response rate is 50%, on 3rd bump-response rate is 70% and on final bump-response rate is 100%.

Easy to Use
This is an ease of use process which anyone can do. You can track the emails; then you can manage and analyze about your email campaign. You can give a try to this extension, and you will surprisingly find huge success in your email campaign with it for sure.

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