The SEO Analysis: What it is and Why You Need it

What is the best procedure to get massive organic traffic? Doing the proper SEO, right? The most important part of the analysis is SEO analysis. Analysis means data.

If you have all data about a site, you can easily make a strategy for it. But no need to be worried about the process. There are different online tools for the task. Some sites are offering Free SEO analysis for any site which you can apply for your site.

What is SEO Analysis?

SEO analysis is a report for a site. This report contains all necessary data about a site. The analysis will let you know where you need to improve your site and what strategy you need to apply.

This report also let you know what weak points of your site are. If you have duplicate content issues, with an SEO analysis, you can find out it. Some common things that an SEO analysis check are: content, site structure, URL variations, Inbound Links, etc.

Why You Need SEO Analysis?

For Statistical Data

SEO analysis finds statistical data about your site. This is not like common information. Here, you will know what about your site performance.

You will know which keywords are performing well and where you need to focus more. Also, you will get a comparison chart with the analysis to make a quick decision.

Site Structure

Conversion rate hugely depends on the site structure. If your site has a conventional structure, you can’t expect better conversions.

That is why it is necessary to analyze the site if customers are clicking on your product link or not. From this data, you can make a proper structure for your site to get maximum ROI.

Search Engine Rankings

When an SEO optimizer optimizes your site, he focusses on some specific points and keywords. An SEO analysis will tell you which keywords are in better ranking positions and which are not doing good.

You will also find some keywords are in better ranking positions though you haven’t work for them. So, this will help you to get more traffic with those keywords.


With the analysis report, you will also get a recommendation list. Only with data, you can’t make a good strategy for the site.

But when there are some suggestions for the site, you will know where you need to improve at first. This will also let you increase your ranking position.

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