A Teenager’s View on Education Technology
Soraya Shockley

Soraya, thanks for this frank feedback. Sounds like what I hear from my own teenagers, 19 and 15. Especially these excellent graphs on Khan below — I believe they would agree.

Here’s my question for you: What’s the best classroom instruction you’ve ever received and why? Do you think the classroom is where you are going to do your best learning or is it just part of your learning experience?

“For the sake of complete disclosure, Khan Academy has saved my life. In my most desperate of hours, after spending an agonizing night trying to figure out what in the world a derivative is, I turned to Khan. To my relief, the website had video after video of explanations and examples. It was like the angry storm clouds of calculus broke and I could see the light. Actually, I just went to sleep, but still!

“However, the drawback of relying too heavily on good ol’ Khan is that its videos simply cannot provide students with everything we need to know. I see Khan Academy as an amazing supplement to in-class learning, not a replacement.”

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