Advanced Style

Lisa Tupua
Oct 29, 2014 · 2 min read

Style…in this sense may be interpreted as ‘a prevailing mode of expression’. The documentary Advanced Style by style photographer and blogger Ari Seth Cohen, and director Lina Plioplyte has just hit Australia’s shores. This documentary dives into the lives of men and women of style over 60.

A caustic idea…I may agree…60? with style?…if not for…if I were 60 today, I would have been born in the 1950's and my sense of style would have been influenced by the heights of the Golden Age haute couture, the post war era where fashion returned to opulence and glamour which ended in 1957….then in the 1960's it was the Age of Pop where organic and retro styles suddenly interrupted high fashion ideals with the mini skirt... as Chaucer said, “There’s never a fashion but its old!”. Unlike this so called modern era where all and sundry abound with clothe akin to less stringent uniformity but uniformity it is.

…at this point I have watched Advanced Style…and it is interesting…I was saddened that it ended in death…life huh! there is the beginning and… there is The End.

What is style anyway…isn’t it a composition of your own creation defining self in the midst of the faceless. Doesn't it give a nod to fashion, music, ideas, technology, expression and the list goes on and on and on…Why is Advanced Style so vital in this landscape…Why does it even create a stir of compassion and amusement and delight…Why are we so obtuse in thinking that one generation in our visceral world is relegated more important to another…why is everything measured by the economy and given the tick of approval and recognition just coz’ en masse amasses the shiniest most…what has happened to the value of the singly…the singly advanced who amassed the dustiest most…why! just take a chux to reveal…underneath the veneer of dust, singly is value personified.

A malignant fact…it is human nature to believe that ‘age’ like ‘death’ happens to all else…the echoing chants of… ‘I am special!’, ‘I am infallible!’, ‘I am indispensable!’…I ingest ala fountain of youth and therefore I AM.

but…as an Advanced Style subject said, “At my age, I am lucky. I have two of everything, although only one of them is working”…and another “I am lucky. At my age I do not have a bucket list”…and another “I am between 50 and death”….injects a kind of wanton belief that all be well with one foot in urn.

I digress…I want to be 68++ and be like one of the subjects featured on Advanced Style for she worked passionately to her advanced age with her famous quote of, “I’d rather live hand to mouth than 9 to 5 any day”…what a thought…courageous? and at her age…optimism galore is still rife for the advanced aged…how glorious…to suddenly pass away from the land of the living…doing the very thing you love…Zelda at the age of 95 collapsed at the front row of the Joanna Mastroianni show at New York fashion week…The End.

I commit to life like Karen “every day living, is a party”.

Lisa Tupua

Written by

I have nothing to declare except for the timbre of mine heart, mind, body and spirit, infinitum.

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