Religion does not teach morality

Religion is detrimental to morality, because not only is it not needed to develop a sense of morals, but it also subjects the most vulnerable people in a society to purposeful interpretations of morality made by the elites.

Religion is often used to subvert reason-based moral checks because of its inherent, unsubstantiated respectability. The powerful can justify whatever they like using confirmation bias, as moral stories are based on interpretation. The Christian Bible condones genocide, rape, slavery, but we are all told to focus on “the good parts”. Well, how do we know what “the good parts” are if we could not possibly have developed a moral compass without the guidance of this religion? There is no prelude or disclaimer in The Bible that says “some of this is very, very bad so just take the good parts seriously and those good parts happen to be the following parts:”

This interpretation-based morality is dangerous, inferior, and insulting to the capabilities of human beings.