Can you really lose weight by daily walk?

Walk is a good treatment of obesity. But some factors should be concentrated in walking if you have real passion to get your aim of downsizing. It is said that you can reduce your size by fast walking but speed is not the only thing to focus on. When you walk fast or slow, heartbeat plays its essential role. It should be 65 to 70 so that it may help you in burning calories and to be fit.

Factors to reduce weight

There are many factors affect on improving fitness. They are varying from person to person. They can not off their pounds in the same way. Metabolism, burning calories, intensity of exercise, all are different from person to person.

Strive Hard to weight lose

Man gets for what he does efforts and weight lose is also depend on individual’s efforts. How much you do walk, running, exercise, workouts, you lose your weight.

Walkers can increase their heartbeat by doing fast walk. As studies tell, Fast walk works really well for weight lose. Wight lose is not mere reading about how to lose weight. You need to spare your time for it; you need to make mind for it. It is much more about determination. Your determination will motivate you for doing something for your body reshape.

Take audio books to listen with you while walking, it will give you some amusement and you will stick to your aim. If you are reading for how to weight lose, you will read that take walk for 50 minutes in morning, spare 40 minutes after lunch and for 1 hour in the evening.

Whatever you do to get something, you need consistency. You need to focus on distance, time etc. How much time you spend for walking is the thing to count. Speed is also a basic factor to reduce your size rapidly. Suppose you walk 4 to 5 miles but you do this in 5 to 4 hours. It is not a standard walk.

You can buy a how to lose weight pedometer to count down your steps. It will motivate you to keep on walking. You can check your steps counting after a week. Do not remove your count down. You need 10000 steps a day.

If you are sick of walking, do not take it on nerves. Make a baseline first, in the beginning, go for walk 3 days a week. Divide it into day’s other part. Like go for just 20 minutes in morning, 20 minutes in midday and 20 minutes in night.

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