Be The Angry Black Woman TEDx — Watch it!


While I was delivering this Ted talk, “The Freedom to be The Angry Black Woman,” I knew I was finally playing like myself. For more than a decade before this, I’d played up to the status quo. To beat them at their own game. ABS: Always be smiling. All I had to do was work twice as hard, speak better, walk better, think faster, and be content with half as much.

Delivering this message felt more like playing to change the game. To have the table rather than a mere seat at it where there’d be no one else who looked like me there.

I’ve confessed how for too many years, I’ve erroneously viewed my presence as “the only one in the room” as proof of my own exceptionalism and esteem rather than seeing it for what it truly is: a symptom and result of something out of order and out of balance in the world. Both disastrously furthering the status quo and victimizing society as a whole.

Fear of being seen as “the angry black woman,” silences women across several industries and platforms where we are severely underrepresented. Negatively and wrongly linking anger to race and gender endangers economic opportunity and inclusion for women and minorities. I hope you will watch this TEDx, “The Freedom to be ‘The Angry Black Woman,” a powerful message that liberates women and women of color from this stereotype and spread it around to broaden and deepen this much needed conversation to #makediversitypossible for women of color.

We deserve the freedom to play like ourselves.

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