Hello from shinny Vancouver!

Here’s my first article on this blog. I will try to write in english and I will surely do a lot of mistakes. It’s been a long time I haven’t had a blog, it reminds me when I was young. Even if I’m not totally old now. I’m 20 and I will turn 21 in october. I am from EMLyon Business School and I had to do a 6 months internship abroad and I finally chose Vancouver.

Some of you might know Vancouver and they will be suprised reading the title of this article because Vancouver has a famous nickname : Raincouver. For the moment I’m not able to understand this nickname (but I’m sure I will) because since I’ve been here (Monday 29th), the city is shinny and hot. For the people living here, 30° seems like dog days but I wish dog days are NOT over because it feels like holidays to be here with this weather.

The second nickname of Vancouver is Honk-ouver and for that… I have nothing to prove it is wrong! It’s a real multicultural city where you can hear Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese as much as English. The cool thing is also that you can eat sushi for a modest sum of money.

Besides, even if there are many immigrants, this does not prevent Canadians from being very patriotic. I already noticed it during Canada Day on July 1st. A festive day that seems more important than the French July 14th.

Here’s a little photo to show you the atmosphere!

See you!

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