Hello from smokey Vancouver

Strange title of article but just to explain that for 4 days now, Vancouver and its surroundings have been ravaged by fire, especially next to Saskatchewan (http://quebec.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/07/06/feux-incendies-foret-situation-critique-saskatchewan_n_7740528.html if you want to know more about it).

Consequently, the city of Vancouver is “smokey”, meaning that the air is hardly breathing, dangerous for health and that it’s not easy to see the sun even in the middle of the day. Weird atmosphere.

Anyway, I enjoyed my week end all the same. I went to Granville market Island, a big inside market with a lot of local an foreign products : a nice way to get very hungry (but unfortunately it’s a little bit expensive).
Awesome cakes I will surely taste before I leave!

Then we went to UBC, a huge “american” campus, so big that you can get lost very easily. It was also really far from the city. I heard that there is a nudist beach called wreck beach really close to it but I didn’t reach it because it was difficult to access (so unfortunately I don’t have beautiful picture of naked people to show you).

On Sunday we (me and a friend called Jeanne from my school) went to Lynn Canyon Park. Beautiful place to walk with impressive trees, a beautiful river, a little waterfall and a small lake (nice to refresh when the weather is so hot)!

You can see on this picture a walkway perched 80 meters high! Awesome!

We finally end the day by testing Vancouver’s atmosphere a Sunday night and we were not disappointed. By going to an Irish pub (yes I know it’s not very local), we met many very nice people, very funny, and very drunk! It was fun!

See you !

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