Weekly Summary — 007

Welcome to our weekly summary this time published on a Monday. This week’s summary includes the past 10 days, i.e. from the 22nd October until the 31st October. Feel free to read our last Weekly Summary.

Please note, we can’t describe every little detail we work on. Below are only the more interesting topics and tasks listed.



  • Completed work towards latest 0.5.0b release candidate.
  • Internal stress testing of latest 0.5.0b release candidate.
  • Begun sprint towards version 0.6.0 with database logic rewrite (including unit tests).


  • Had an interview regarding a news article about ICOs.
  • Published a press release regarding the latest developments. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5



  • Held several meetings with lawyers, WachsmanPR, Nicoll Curtin and our advisers.
  • Reviewed new CVs of potential candidates for front and back end developer positions.
  • Followed-up on the interviews conducted last week.
  • Interviewed several developers via Skype.
  • Appointed Joel Fernández as the COO of Lisk.


  • Participated in a panel discussion at the StartupCon conference in Cologne.
  • Contacted several design agencies and individual designers in Berlin.

Thank you,

The Lisk Team

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