Lisk USA Scholarship program

The scholarship program is designed to engaged new developers and contributors from the US. It will pay for their delegate registration and first few months hosting. We will track their progress and reward accordingly each month. We will also have a list of bounties. We aim to have some of our contributors present Lisk at events in key areas. We will support any prospective US delegate with a verifiable history and a worthy project in mind. Donations can be sent to Lisk_NewOrleans or 13328973531295421597L

Development scholarship Pre SDK: 200–500 LSK per month

Development scholarship Post SDK: 200–2000 LSK per month

Bounty for presenting at a meetup: Negotiable (Requires mentor sessions)

Bounty for adding a reliable Testnet delegate** (one per owner): 100 LSK

Bounty for hosting a meetup: Negotiable (Requires mentor sessions)

Bounty for Lisk USA intellectual assets: (To be announced)

  • **Must run a new delegate for at least 2 months with > 90% up time

This is the list of current Scholarship recipients:

Bradleat: 200 LSK

KyleFromOhio: 200 LSK

Suepaphly: 200 LSK