LISK Berlin meetup — 4th October 2018.

LISK Highlights
Oct 5, 2018 · 3 min read

A little recap of the LISK Berlin meetup in the unedited words of Meyade “Elum” Curfs (LISK Dutch Ambassador).

I was an hour before the meetup already at the Lightcurve office because I got a tour of the Lightcurve office! It was the first time I met Jedrzej. He is a really nice and chill guy, easy to talk with. I visited all the departments of the Lightcurve office and I met everyone. The office and the location — wow! What I also really liked was the structure of the office: All the departments (Marketing, Developers etc.) had their own spaces, a nice structure! I’ve brought some nice Dutch goodies for the team (pepernoten, drop, stroopwafels), it was gone in an hour haha!

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View from the Lightcurve office

After the tour it was time to go to the networking space and meet new people. The community was really nice and it was really nice to hear their stories. There were also a lot of ‘beginners’. I talked to them at the end — they were really impressed by the quality of Lisk.
The presentation: there we went, up to the meetup room. It was a cosy space but also professional. Almost the entire Lisk team was present. Max started with his word and introduction. As always it was professional and well said. Then it was Thomas’s turn; he talked about the three pillars of Lisk’s: SDK/UX/Education.


No, the date of SDK release was not released haha. Rachel (Tech) talked about the problem of Ethereum by using Cryptokitties as an example and how Lisk can solve this. A clear story that I think all of us understand. The devs in the room were enthusiastic!


Now it was Ali’s turn (Dev who deals with Mobile). There it was, the release of Lisk Mobile App! The mobile app is as you would expect from Lisk, easy to use and simple. Of course I have to mention that this is only version 0.3. Now they can collect the feedback and make the mobile app even better. What he said is that the app will be available in multiple languages, that eventually there will be the possibility to buy/sell Lisk via the app (fiat gateway) and that there will be security functions as well as face scanner. I’m looking forward to it!


Education was mainly about the Academy. Jacob and the Academy team are busy with Academy 2.0. This means among other things that the layout will be even better and there will be more content in it. The Academy will also be translated into different languages (game changer!). What I also found very interesting is that Lisk is working on an official Academy certificate that is officially recognized (the ultimate goal). This allows a person to “prove” that he/she has the right knowledge about Blockchain because he/she has made a test and received a Lisk Certificate for this. The Academy 2.0 is planned for early 2019.

Business Development:

On monday the Business Development team will start. This team (with Max and Thomas in it) will focus purely on Business, as the name suggests. Think of large investors, exchanges etc. As a community we sometimes don’t feel that the value of the Lisk token is a priority for Lisk — it is. The Business Dev. Team will make sure that this will get a big boost and that it will also be focused on. I personally thought this was a very important point and am very happy that they are focusing on it as well.

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Folks from the Lisk/Lightcurve and MADANA communities gathered in Berlin.

Final Words.

I have been to many of Lisk’s meetups/events and I must say that this was one of the best. I really saw that there is a good structure within the company and that they are laying a good foundation for the future. The SDK is a very important point, but it is also important that all other aspects are properly finished before the SDK comes out so that everything falls into place at the same time.

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