Lisk Highlights Weekly roundup March 30th 2019.

Hello everybody. The LISK project and it’s enthusiasts are always busy, and this week past has certainly been no exception.

Seeing is believing, so here is a recap of the highlights and interesting items from the past week on the LISK subreddit and beyond…..

Lisk’s Connection with Weg Bank is Covered by Altcoin buzz.

The Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel has released a new video titled “Litecoin and TokenPay partner up with Lisk, Komodo Feature, Ontology and DX Exchange”, which amongst other things covers the news that was dropped recently regarding a possible link between the Lisk project and WEG Bank. If you haven’t heard about it yet it was where TokenPay CEO, Derek Capo, mentioned to Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee, in a livestream that “the bank right now is actually testing for corporations in their system.” He continued… “The company that they’re working with right now is Lisk to actually have the first corporate account as a test, then once that’s done then they will onboard token pay and then the litecoin foundation to have the bank account.” WEG Bank is a specialized credit institution providing banking products to housing industry: current and deposit accounts, financing for construction and renovation projects. It also provides card facilities and Internet banking services. Its total assets in 2017 sat at 53.58 million EUR. The company is based in Ottobrunn, Germany.

Altcoin Buzz gave this story fairly broad coverage in their video hosted by Matthew Ronald, and considering Altcoin Buzz channel has 209,000 subscribers it should really help to spread the new about Lisk far and wide. I took the liberty of cropping the current video to allow you get straight to the Lisk section. You can view it HERE. See what you think and don’t forget to give the Youtube channel of the original poster a thumbs up if you find it of value. Altcoin Buzz YouTube videos cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and all the upcoming altcoins and exciting projects in the cryptocurrency space and do daily crypto news and weekly technical analysis on all the top cryptocurrencies.


Lisk Sidechain Project delivers a Demo of World’s 1st Machine Learning On-chain Within a DPOS Network the project that is bringing machine learning to Lisk in the form of the LML sidechain had a world’s first yesterday (March 28, 2019). The company released a video demonstration of its codebase, showcasing the first ever successful integration of a machine learning platform into a Dpos network, or blockchain. The demonstration is based on a classic computer science problem — how do you use a neural net to predict consumers’ next behaviours? The classic example deals with 4 sequences of historical data and uses a neural net to predict the next transaction. GNY increased the prediction volume to 50 transactions at a time and showed how their ML platform can predict the next 50 transactions and write them into the subsequent block of the blockchain.

“We are excited to share this demo with the community,” shared GNY Co-Founder and Chief R&D Officer, Richard Jarritt, “because it represents not only a technical first, but will get developers imaginations going about how they can use this platform to develop any based ML system once our full chain is released this summer. We want developers at every level to have access to powerful ML, and building a blockchain platform was the best way to democratize access.”

What does this mean for Lisk? Well with GNY delivering Lisk Machine Learning it will become one of the first first Machine learning projects in the blockchain space that is carrying out all its Machine learning on-chain….. no call outs…. meaning increased security, so this will be a boon to those dealing with medical records, legal records, or simply any business in these GDPR clampdown times.

Companies of all sizes are struggling to understand how to incorporate machine learning into their digital operations. Confusion starts around definitions of machine learning (decision trees do not qualify), and extends to how much to pay for these services and measure their impact. GNY and LML moves to simplify adoption of machine learning by providing developers a powerful and adaptable platform that is secure, and free of retainer fees or monthly contracts.

Both platforms will allow developers to download all the components they need to run their own machine learning applications. The GNY and LML platforms will be “pay-to-play”, powered by purchasing and using GNY or LML tokens.

Exciting stuff, and more to come.

The GNY team have asked me to take this opportunity to thank you, the amazing Lisk community, for supporting them along this journey!

So, for now GNY are excited to share the next step on that journey through the following resources:

· Step by step instructions for how to set up the system on your computer

· Includes links to download a Dpos Network and the incorporated Machine Learning platform

· Also includes two sample sets of data, representing two day’s retail sales

· This VIDEO within which Leo Liang, GNY’s Head of Blockchain, and Thomas Lorenc, Lead Data Scientist, describe the content of the demo, and provide some context about how the main chain will be more refined and easier to use.


Lisk Selected by Intercontinental Exchange to be Listed on the ICE Market Data Feed.

The Intercontinental Exchange, or ICE as it is more commonly known, builds and operates global markets, clearing houses, listings services, and advisory services on market data and technology. It is a sister company to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and in fact the founder and CEO of ICE, Jeffrey Craig Sprecher, is also the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. ICE, which today is a Fortune 500 company was established in 2000. In June 2016 ICE introduced their expanded ICE Data Services, bringing together proprietary exchange data, valuations, analytics, desktop tools and connectivity solutions from across ICE, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), SuperDerivatives and Interactive Data. This is where Lisk comes in.

Lisk is one of the cryptocurrencies selected to be listed on the ICE market data feed; one of only 58 cryptocurrencies. As ICE say themselves… “Price discovery for the crypto market; access to price discovery data is crucial to assist in accurately valuing the crypto market. To help address the need for transparency and offer investors a comprehensive view, we worked with Blockstream to launch the ICE Cryptocurrency Data Feed. The feed delivers real-time and historical data for the most widely and actively traded cryptocurrencies.” Some of the price discovery data for crypto currencies being offered by ICE include full tick Level 1 attributed trades and quotes, as well as Level 2 venue-specific orderbooks in ‘market-by-price’ format. Further to this they will offer comprehensive historical data, captured and normalized into an easily consumable format for strategy optimization. 30+ trading venues, markets and exchanges, providing 200M+ updates daily across 400+ crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto currency pairs.

Personally I feel that institutions and old-school traders who are familiar with the New York Stock Exchange will be looking towards ICE for their crypto trading info rather than the likes of coinmarketcap or heaven forbid… reddit cryptocurrency.😜 When they are dealing with something “new” to them in the form of crypto I reckon they will also seek aid from established institutions they feel comfortable with…….. and hopefully when they do Lisk will be there front and centre.


Lisk’s, Max Kordek, comments on the the ongoing “crypto winter” and compares bear cycles. caught up with a collection of “movers and shakers” within the blockchain space at the recent Token2049 conference; Hong Kong’s premier crypto event. These crypto industry leaders were asked how they felt the current bear market was affecting their project, and the space as a whole. Personalities that commented included Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, Pascal Gauthier, of Ledger, and Spencer Bogart, of Blockchain Capital.

Max Kordek, Lisk’s Co-Founder and CEO explained that in the previous cycle, many were telling investors to “pack your bags and say your goodbyes.” This time, however, there’s bonafide development, instead of a sense of pure capitulation. Max added that he believes that there is more blockchain development right now than any other point in this industry’s decade-long history. “Economics-wise, activity-wise, and sentiment-wise, the last one was much, much worse” he said.’s article is titled “Crypto Industry Execs: This Bitcoin Bear Market Is The Best Yet”, and you can read the complete piece HERE.


Lisk Centre Utrecht Welcomes Datadash AKA Nicholas Merten.

You may know Nicholas Merten as the face of the Datadash youtube channel, the self titled “one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science”. However, this evening (Thursday 28th), Nicholas will be in attendance from 7:30pm to 10:00 pm at the Lisk Centre Utrecht to speak about his new initiative…. Project Genesis. This is his open-source project to develop new technologies and concepts for cryptocurrencies. The main objective is to build upon the foundation that exists today to increase global adoption of cryptocurrencies and build a decentralized financial system for the entire world. The public-spirited idea is that any new or existing projects will be welcome to utilize the results of the work produced by Project Genesis.

This visit to Lisk Centre Utrecht appears to be the only stop in the Netherlands on this leg of the Project Genesis promotional tour, so if you are in the area you should take the opportunity to attend. Whether you’re a developer, marketer, investor, or simply just a blockchain believer, it could be the start of something big for you.


That’s it for the recap of the week’s Highlights. I hope it brought you up to speed with all the weeks good news.

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