Please Don’t

As a ‘deformed’ person who frequently has ‘inappropriate’ facial expressions I am asking y’all to don’t demonize the current president based on how long his fingers aren’t or the expression of disgust on his face when he looks at his family members.
Talk about his abhorrent policies all you want — they are sufficiently evil without making it about things he has no control over.

My hands have been called claws because my fingers are much longer than would be expected — I do not think that reflects my thinking about major issues (although it might to people that think opposite to me). I would not find it helpful to have people argue my points by pointing out that I have claws for hands instead of talking about what I say.

The Trumpeter has no control over the length of his fingers. While it is fun to see him squirm when it’s brought up it’s hurtful to people who have physical differences. It hurts me, because I put myself in his place and feel the sting of being ridiculed for what my body looks like instead of what I said. Even if what I said was incredibly stupid I’d rather that be addressed than my body’s oddities.

My face smiles. It’s my default look. That doesn’t mean I am happy about hearing about someone else’s suffering. It’s what my face does. In actaullity I am most likely crying inside because I cry over every little thing — seeing a kid drop an ice cream cone makes me cry because I feel her pain, but my face may not (and probably doesn’t) show it.

The Trumpeter appears to have little control over his facial expressions, but I can’t speak much on that since I don’t look at faces and have little control over my own — which makes me think picking on his could be turned to picking on mine. While for the majority of people facial expressions mimic thoughts/feelings it is not always the case and assuming it is can be harmful to those of us that it isn’t.

By making your insults about his appearance instead of (or in addition to) what he says you are adding to the burden of the same people he is trying to hurt — the already stigmatized ‘deformed’ and ‘abnormal’.

The Trumpeter is no more or less representative of the disabled and deformed than he is of any other group.

Please don’t use his appearance as a reason to demonize him. Use his words.

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