Global Goals and their Importance

The world we live in today is not at its best in many terms. I believe this is due to humans themselves. We have forgotten that we have the power to feel. Money and power, although important, are not all that matters. We have slowly forgotten what truly matters and became so inhumane. The Global Goals remind us of what should be of priority to all human beings. These goals are not impossible and should not be seen as if they are. They are basic outlines of what should have mattered from the start of our colonization. The human race has more potential than most of themselves believe. We have the power to feel, we have our senses, and we are intelligent. The Global Goals are reminders of who we are and what we should be doing. I myself consider myself arrogant for before I found these goals I was uninformed about most of them. It is the same hunch, the same feeling that made me want to learn more and find out what I could do to help that should motivate everyone who has knowledge about these goals to do their part. We are smart for we have the power to learn but we are intelligent when we decide to do something with that knowledge. No poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, gender equality, and the list goes on. These do not sound impossible at all; in fact, I cannot say I see them as goals in their entirety. I believe they are a remembrance of our humane conscious of how things should have been running a long time ago. Why are these goals important then? They are important because we sometimes need reminders of what should be happening. We are humans not machines nor robots that cannot feel, think, act for themselves. We, as humans, have something much greater than any other living creature nor machine ever or that will ever be created have: a conscious and the power to feel and act upon it. The Global Goals are our memorandum of who we really are and the things that should be getting done and that is why they are vitally important.