Loy (memory 1)

Marl, black hellebore, thistle, honey.

Make an edible paste. Whisper their name ten times, salt in their trail or on their feet. Must be eaten a spoon at time, four times over.

Ama used to say, “Nonsense, Loy. It’s nothing new. Low clouds always find you. And when so, they’ll move in and move right through you. Let them. So be forewarned and be firm. You’ll hymn and hum, in turn, in order. You’ll whisper their name ten times. You’ll pour salt in their trail. Then jasmine and roses. There’s nothing to it. Candles. One red, two white. Light them. Put in a nail, likeness, and thistle. Bring to a boil. But be careful. Not a spill lost, you’ll hex yourself. If you play with fire, use your good sense. And remember Loy: What do you say? What do you do? And to who?”

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