Lit Rock Star | 30 Poems in 30 Days

Poem #5

did you hear?

they buried Christopher Robin alive

corporate execs put a potato sack over his head and took him three miles due west from Rabbit’s garden

they tossed him into a honeypot shaped hole

and powered by the greed of the glittery capitalist machine that is impressionable little girls and their pushover parents

those execs rolled up their sleeves

and all while ignoring his screams

planted the boy deep into the earth

there was not so much as a candlelit memorial afterwards

no chance to pay respects or opportunity to say goodbye for anyone born before 2005

not even a one liner in the back of the paper

or flag held at half-staff

a multifaceted travesty of the largest order

to thoughtlessly plop a little girl with red hair in his place

an outright disgrace

complete disregard for the potential of imagination in the sons or our age

a broad daylight murder due simply and shamefully to the buying force of our daughters


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