I don’t know a lot but I do know coparenting is hard.

I’ve been trying…and trying…AND trying. I really have. I have given all that I have to give. People have told me “you’re way too accommodating..” for far too long. Because truth is, I have been. Why? FEAR. plain and simple fear. When someone controls every aspect of your life financially and you find yourself fending for yourself and your children out of nowhere it’s scary as fuck.

Like… imagine spending your 20's with a man who promised to take care of you as long as you stayed home with the kids and didn’t bother him too much.. You wake up in your 30's and realize this is utter bullshit. However, you’re I’ll equipped to venture out alone but you take the jump anyways.

Then that same man, although he doesn’t want to be with you and eagerly agrees to divorce…still wants to control something so he gives money…promises money to help with the kids to make up for his inability to be a present father and boom he gets mad and takes it away.

That shit is scary.

And I know alllll about it. So here in present day, I’ve tried the coparenting thing. It works when outside influences don’t mess it up.. i.e. Mistresses now turned girlfriends who don’t seem to know their roles. I’ve tried. Ive sacrificed so much and I’m tired. I can’t do it. All I can do is make my kids available and I do..and will but all this accommodating…meeting here there and everywhere.

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