Trading recommendations for WTI, GOLD, SILVER for 29.08.2017


Yesterday, oil implemented a downward model by reaching the Target Zone [46.46–46.22]. When strong support was reached, part of the sales was closed, and now we are seeing a correction for the last momentum. The key resistance is the Intermediary Zone [46.58–46.46]. After reaching this zone, I recommend looking for sales with a target of updating yesterday’s low and re-testing the TZ.

An alternative buy scenario will be available if the players manage to break through and consolidate above the IZ. In this case, we will buy oil, and the target for purchases will be the upper Target Zone [48.90–48.66].

Trading recommendations for today:

Aggressive: sell from zone [46.92 – 46.86]. TakeProfit 46.25. StopLoss 47.16.

Conservative: sell from zone [46.58 – 46.46]. TakeProfit 46.25. StopLoss 48.06.


For gold, all the targets were achieved. Moreover, the players managed to gain a foothold above the Gold Zone 2 [1307.1–1304.9]. This tells us that the next target in the local upward momentum is the Target Zone 3 [1330.4–1326.2]. Today, the Asian session missed only a few points to reach this zone.

The key support for the uptrend is the Intermediary Zone [1302.9–1300.8] constructed from today’s high. After reaching this zone, we are looking for purchases with the target at the TZ 3.

Sales under the alternative option will be considered in case of breakout and consolidation below the IZ. In this scenario, the target is the Target Zone [1281.7–1277.4].

Trading recommendations for today:

Aggressive: buy from zone [1313.6 – 1312.5]. TakeProfit 1325.6. StopLoss 1308.2.

Conservative: buy from zone [1302.9 – 1300.8]. TakeProfit 1323.4, 1325.7. StopLoss 1292.3.


Silver has consolidated above the IZ. Consequently, the descending model “IZ — TZ” has not worked out, so now we are trying the ascending model. The local trend was replaced by a buy trend. The target for purchases is the Target Zone [17.74–17.63]. The most favorable purchase prices from the point of view of margin zones are in the zone [17.15–16.94].

I recommend to consider selling silver no earlier than after the breakout of the key support — the Intermediary Zone [16.99–16.94]. In this case, we will sell the instrument to the lower TZ [16.45–16.35].

Trading recommendations for today:

Buy from zone [17.15 – 16.94]. TakeProfit 17.52, 17.62. StopLoss 16.72.

IZ — Intermediary Zone: responsible for changing the priority direction of the price movement.
TZ — Target Zone: a zone that, with a probability of 75%, will be reached after the breakdown of the IZ.
GZ — Gold Zone: zone in the medium-term impulse.
All zones are calculated based on the average daily price of the instrument and margin requirements of the futures market.

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