Heroes of Our Time

An ordinary guy named Mohammed Islam, high school student at the New York School, has become famous not only in America, but throughout the world, due to the fact that at his young age he has already made a fortune of seventy-two million dollars by trading on the Forex. They write about him in magazines and newspapers, they show him in the news. Now the guy is very popular among his classmates and peers, because he can afford to dine in expensive restaurants and order luxurious caviar for himself and his friends.

In an interview for magazines, Mohammed shares his views on life and business. To one magazine, he said that if money is still the business will not work, if there is no investment there will be no innovation. He is convinced that trading on the stock exchange is super easy. Mo has two friends who are so inspired by his experience that now together with him they plan to earn their first billion in the near future. But while the young millionaire cannot find use for his money since he is still a minor, he is looking forward to his 18 years to get a broker license.

Trading on Forex does not require a higher education in economics, you just need to start to learn all the subtleties and tricks of trading. Internet has a lot of information which can help you easily hone your skills to perfection.

The advantages of the international Forex market include the possibility of using a no-interest loan or leverage. For you, this is a great chance to multiply your profits. The same can be said about the minimum price of trades. Also there is no commission on Forex.

The difference between selling and buying is small, so the trade price is much lower than on similar exchanges (trade and stock exchanges) and significantly less than similar indicators on other markets. Therefore, the cost of such trades is minimal.

We can say about Mohammed that he is a hero of our time. Many may ask, how did he earn so much money? At school breaks, in his free time he traded futures for oil and gold, and occasionally traded shares of companies. From childhood, it took him long and painstaking work to perfect his methods and skills in the game on the stock exchange. After failures, he did not quit but made conclusions, and continued to trade. As a result, now his family has more than enough money, and his parents can be proud of their son. At his young age, he has already earned to buy himself a BMW and an an apartment in a prestigious neighborhood. The young man’s plans are to get a broker license, establish a hedge fund with his fellow-thinkers and use it to earn his first billion dollars.

In order to become successful on Forex, you need to have a logical mindset, and have patience, because patience is one of the main factors on the stock exchange.

The story of an American student who earned $72 million in 17 years inspires and proves once again that persistence and perseverance can make a considerable fortune.

Mohammed Islam was born in Southeast Asia, later he emigrated from Bengal to New York with his parents. As a small boy, barely nine years old, he became interested in trading on the Forex currency market. His cousin taught him the peculiarities of trading. At first he did not succeed, but he did not stop. Mo very carefully studied all the subtleties of exchange strategies. After failures in the primary grades he began to master such techniques as bulls and bears. When the boys were playing at school, Mohammed at such a young age went to exchange sites, earned money, traded in oil and gold futures during school meals. The student was given the nickname Wolf from Wall Street.


Mohammed has confessed that his inspiration and idol is Paul Tudor Jones, an independent American trader who began his independent career at the age of 26. He ranks 108 in the list of wealthy Americans. When he faced losses, he would always re-enter the game. Islam finds this lesson instructive. He founded Tudor Futures Fund. His trading style is unique, and most importantly effective. He has achieved the impossible for five consecutive years: he received a huge one hundred percent profit with very low losses.

Mohammed Islam does not believe in start-ups, because in his opinion, no idea can exist without money. He is passionate about the Forex game and plans to dedicate his life to exchange trading. For today, he has become an example for many to follow.

Mohamed, at the age of seventeen, is already on the list of talented teen traders!


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