Buy Tool, Dedicated News & more — November Update

Nov 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Today we are launching a few new updates to make an even better experience for those wanting to learn and get started with the technology.

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Buy Tool

We have introduced of a simple, easy and convenient way for users to immediately purchase between $50 and $20,000 worth of litecoin in USD, GBP or EUR with a credit card in under 5 minutes. We have partnered with Simplex to provide this function and they will handle all regulation and KYC/AML processes for purchases. After necessary checks, approval payments are typically paid out within 24hrs to an address of the users choosing. Anyone wanting to track the status of a payment can do so via Simplex.

Dedicated News & Newsletter

We are launching our own news section on You can now catchup on all the latest happenings within Litecoin and crypto by signing up to our our newsletter.
We feature dedicated sections with articles focusing on price and trading, business developments, education, technological innovations and events, direct to your inbox.

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New Logo

We wanted to give DotCom its own identity and are continually making changes to try and create a strong image to better communicate this. Decentralisation is great but sometimes it can cause confusion with new users and affect slower growth and adoption. DotCom is doing its part to try and improve on that, but remember, we do not control or dictate Litecoin we are here to inform and encourage growth.

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Advertising Phase 1

We are releasing the first of our advertising opportunities for those looking to promote their Litecoin related products or service.

Our first advertiser, is LiteIM, the multi platform Litecoin wallet from Swiss based crypto company, Zulu Republic. They recently created the first crypto wallet on facebook messenger.
We covered this story here

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We will be continuing to roll out further advertising opportunities as well as more insights in the coming weeks. Those looking to advertise can reach out to us for more information via

-Franklyn Operator

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