China Bitcoin Rountable Resolution on the Implementation of the New York Agreement

In order to effectively resolve the problem of Bitcoin network congestion, speed up the Bitcoin scaling process, and realize the sustainable and healthy development and innovation of Bitcoin, we China Bitcoin Rountable called a meeting on Bitcoin protocol upgrade on June 15th, and all the participating members unanimously agreed to the New York Bitcoin Scaling Agreement and reached the following resolutions, with the support from miner manufacturers, exchanges, and mining pools:
1、 We support the New York Agreement (SegWit2x proposal);
2、 We’ll start voting on June 19th (next Monday) to support the SegWit2x proposal. To avoid the impacts on the consensus rule changing mechanism of BIP9, we’ll input “NYA” as the marks in coinbase to show our support of the New York Agreement (SegWit2x proposal).
3、 We’ll immediately start testing btc1 ( software and join testnet5 based on SegWit2x proposal, and deploy it as soon as possible after the release of beta version.
4、 We eagerly hope to activate the SegWit2x proposal by July 31st.
Aihua Lau (
Ang Li (
Gang Wu (
Haipo Yang(
Jiawei Zhu (
Jihan Wu (Bitmain)
Jiang Zhuoer(BTC.TOP, LTC.TOP)
Lan Hu (BW.COM)
Mingxing Xu (
Peicai Lee (Easy Mining Tech)
PZ ( the convener of China Bitcoin Rountable)
Qianjie Zhao(
Ruixi Wong (
Ryan Xu (Collinstar Capital Australia)
Shixing Mao (
 June 15th, 2017

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