It’s going to take each and every member to make it happen!

After tonight, I’m able to see that what I envisioned a little more than a year ago is beginning to take form. I understand that to others it may just seem like one day where each member was active for that day and the next they’re gone. What I see is that this is something that can actually take form. This is a short glimpse of what can be in the future. I just… WE just have to make sure we make it happen.

Just to give an idea of what how it feels. It’s like when you’re trying to turn a quad and you keep on kicking you foot down to start the motor. For a couple of seconds you get it started but then it turns off. So then you change how much it should choke and try again. Or, in a much more simpler way to explain it: this is just a sneak peak to a movie that I’ve been waiting to see for years!

Currently listening to: “B*itch Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar

Currently working on: *Can’t give this information out yet; just don’t listen to Hand of God (by Jon Bellion) for the rest of the year.* ← THAT video…

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