“We have fun first.

Who would be amused by something created by a person who didn’t have fun creating it?
Let’s do something we like with people we like in order to have fun.
If we cannot have fun, just gather ideas and find a fun viewpoint.

And then, we become fun persons.

Let’s do what only we can do, such as deciding our salaries by rolling a dice, and working while travelling. When we do what nobody does, people would be amused by our activities.

And we bring fun to somebody’s life.”

Like a person, a company has a personality called corporate personality.
Two founders of LITI SOLUTIONS learned that when we established the company.

Okay, then let’s call ourselves

“A fun-loving company”

Since the establishment of Liti Solutions, we have called ourselves by that name. We think we need to go through three steps to become a fun-loving company.

1. LITI SOLUTIONS members have fun working.

2. In addition to having fun, we are recognized as amusing by others.

3. We bring fun to the lives of as many people as possible.

Now, let us elaborate on the three steps.

1st step: “We have fun working”

As a person who does not love himself cannot love others, we cannot bring fun to others unless we have fun ourselves.
There may be people in the world who can make others happy even though they feel they are very unhappy.
But most people have to deal with their own situations first.

As we call ourselves a fun-loving company, we need to have fun.
But it is not as easy as it seems. So, we devised two ways to achieve that.

First way to have fun working is to do what we like with people we like.

Each person has a calling. Finding it is the key to have fun every day.

“What do you do on holidays?”

If a person answers, “I write programs.” Programming is no longer a job for this person. If a person says “I design on holidays,” designing is not a job for the person.

They are rather playing. Because they are playing. It must be fun. If we do this with friends who have the same values, it would definitely be more fun.

Therefore, LITI SOLUTIONS has narrowed down job types. We are committed to making our team a group of people whose calling is web creation.

The second way to have fun is to bring up as many ideas as possible.
We try everything. Even if our job is a calling, sometimes we do not feel like working, or we are not very excited about working. How can we overcome that? We recall this phrase:

“A person filled with ideas does not get serious.” It is a wise saying of a poet.

When a person is in a deadlock, he thinks that there is no way out. And that is why he gets serious.

But if we bring up many ideas, we can always find a way. If we have more options, we feel better.

So, we bring up many ideas at LITI SOLUTIONS. We try anything that comes up to our mind, and try to fail as quickly as possible. Brining up ideas means changing a viewpoint. If we look at a thing from a different perspective, it seems very funny or amusing.

The key to having fun may be to have as many viewpoints as possible.

“We want to be committed to having fun.”
2nd step: In addition to having fun, we are recognized as amusing by others.

Most people who call themselves amusing are not really amusing. That is so universal that we may be regarded as one of them. So, it took courage to name ourselves a fun-loving company.

We chose that name with firm resolve, and we have become an organization that people regards as amusing, at least to some extent. One of the possibilities that LITI SOLUTIONS unleashed is the idea that a company can be amusing.

“Since the early days, LITI SOLUTIONS has tried various things such as allowing employees to freely choose their workstyle & workplace. As a result, people started to regard our activities as amusing”

In order to continue to be regarded as amusing, we have to keep asking ourselves, “What is it that only a fun-loving company can do?”

Amusingness leads to originality. It is fun to look at a person who is one of a kind.

So, LITI SOLUTIONS always wants to ask this question, “Is this really something that only LITI SOLUTIONS can do?”
And each employee should always ask, “Is it really something that only I can do in this team?”
To pursue originality also means to embrace diversity.
Originality is a concept of co-existence of not to intrude into other person’s territory.

LITI SOLUTIONS wants to become a truly unique company that people feel amused by looking at. Becoming such a company is the second step to be a fun-loving company.

3rd step: We bring fun to the lives of as many people as possible.

We strengthen ourselves in the first step, and have others recognize our activities in the second step, and influence others in the third step.

It is still too early for us to talk about the third step in detail.
This is a challenge that we will work on.

These three steps constitute the concept of a fun-loving company. And we find the first step most difficult. As soon as we think that we completed step 1 and proceed to step 2, we run into a wall.

Every year is challenging. As we always overstretch ourselves, we sometimes face a crisis that threatens LITI’s existence. Something unpleasant happens, and we are forced to go back to step 1. We repeat this process.

That is why we always remind ourselves,

“Be a person who has fun before becoming a fun person. Be a person who has fun before becoming a fun person. Unless we can do it, we can never bring fun to others.”

-Phuc Dang-

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