Litra ICO’s journey, and what no one is talking about

Hello everyone, I am Amos, my company’s. ICO is tomorrow!

I want to talk to you about ICO Scams, misleading, and cashing out we found out during our Pre-Sale, and some of the feedback we received.

Quickly: 3 weeks ago we were just thinking to sign or not to sign our spreadsheets from VCs, when one of VCs who later quit (Google to shorten your guessing list), said listen you should do an ICO, then come back, because all these VCs understand how big your startup potential is, and all want higher share! You are for people, do an ICO to benefit more, and come for series B if you will ever come back.

And then the flood rushed in after we setup up our ICO pre-sale website.

What no one is telling you about:

Part one Publications: There is nothing decent about any of these websites talking about ICO, everything is paid in cash! No real stories about ICO, no real opinion, no real market analytics, no one is doing any “due diligence “ Since everyone is using that word to show he is smart!

PR PAID, Story — PAID FOR, interview — PAID FOR, rating — PAID FOR, investment decision analysis — PAID FOR, market validation — PAID FOR.

Now, most of these publications do say it’s a paid PR, but other stuff? They hide it! And of course they all want to be paid upfront, in cash so they can cash out! Who cares about you? It’s the money they are after…No real journalism here!

I have so many emails to prove, but you go a head and check by yourself!

Now wait until they actually read, and understand your whitepaper, for us because we are in Healthcare, it was not easy to put the whitepaper in simple level in first place, because it is complicated as an industry, no one like you and me do understand why! Now try to explain that!

Back to the publications, in our case everyone of them returned back to us, and gave us discounts, because they want us in.

As they understood the potential of our project, and the value of the coin itself! We started getting offers as in our coin, “we will do this and that instead of BTC/ETHER/Cash we will take your coin!” PLEASE GIVE US YOUR COIN!

Investor: my advice to you, stop! Just go to any ICO read the whitepaper and website, invest or move on!

ICO Dev: You need $75,000- $200,000 to be on these sites. At least top 15.

Part two ICO Listing: 95% are free! Fill the same form over and over again, you are done! Who claim to be the big ones are PAID! They talk about who they are? And nothing worth for you to put 0.000001 cent of your time, or money on them! They say we will add a value, yes add a value in your cost! Whatever they say about their nonsense — don’t listen.

Investor: Go to any listing and if they ask for money Don’t visit these websites ever again!

ICO Dev: You need $5,000- $10,000 to be on these sites. There are 3 doing the paid thing! Just ignore them.

Part three Bitcointalk Bounty: Majority of people got scammed here, you know these big ICO who scammed and moved on right? But I am alright with you taking a coin or a token for your service, you are betting same as investors on the success of that project, but when you are asking for BTC, you are part of the scam! Because you don’t care about the investors, you are cheating them.

Investor: Go to any bounty if they are offering BTC Bounty…Don’t invest! ICO Dev: You need $7,500- $25,000 to run BTC Bounty. Depends on how long your bounty campaign is.

Part four ADVISORS: So how many of these startups that turned out to be a billion dollars companies had so many advisors? And co founders? NONE! NONE! NONE!

ADVISORS.. I am using CAPITAL here just to show you how big fat cheats going on here! 99% are being paid in CASH in ADVANCE, to have their pictures, or get a quote form on the website, maybe they will do 10–30 seconds video interview. ( Name 3 advisors did that… if you could)

We get confuse between Board members, councilors and ADVISORS, go find me the “advisors” of the biggest startups turned to be a billion dollars companies if you could! They do not exist.

Even Board members are not that important! Most are just filling the seat, and they are getting paid! How is the Board member of Theranos doing? Go check their names! COLEN FUCKING POWELL..Even Uber board of members where fighting like kids until Kalanick said OK!

Investor: If you bring 20 people with you every time you make a decision to invest in a coin or a token.. Go a head invest in any ICO that has bunch of chefs in one kitchen, call them and ask if they actually read the whitepaper.

ICO Dev: You need $75,00- $150,000 to HIRE ADVISORS. If your ICO project and startup idea is good, you will find so many knocking on your door, offering services for free, or will accept your coin, but don’t be so surprise if you find an advisor for an ICO offering to be your advisor too.

The people who offered it for free, they want to be associated with your success to gain after!

Part five Team members: So do you remember when. Facebook, and Amazon had all these team members and founders? OMG it was so much fun!…Yes, none had so many cooks! Man if you can afford all these people, why you are running an ICO? Most successful startups: 1 founder, 2 founders ( Can you name Uber co founder, Facebook co founder, and another 3?), so rare 3 founders(Youtube, Twitter). And %99 percent are 1 founder who is the front and run the show ( What’s the name of snapchat co founder?..You lost)

And what is the obsession of googling and finding who are these people? If we knew we would run an ICO, we could leave all our information online, and increased it by 300%, but we were just busy trying to build something, instead of let big data companies being rich from us posting our underwear colors online! I went to Banksy art gallery, and I saw this ( Google it): “ I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public, they forget that invisibility is a superpower”. I spent 7 months DELETING my information online, same some of my team, other didn’t bother to have anything online since myspace! I was selling Social Media to people in 2010, I still have 1 ( my twitter, just because I had followers, that I communicated with them by DM, and I don’t to lose that connections) I stop tweeting in 2014.

You say no we are just afraid of being scammed? Really…Here is how you are being scammed:

2 of the highest ICO teams now traveling in private JETS! You know them on Facebook, Linkedin…Man they are burning your token investments faster than fire will burn it!

And cashed out! And Hey man sorry its startup..Shit happens, but we did everything you would being on Instagram..You SEE MY ASS ON THAT PRIVATE JET CHAIR?

Investor: I don’t know what to say to you! You are looking for social proof to invest! Go follow the crowd, so when they start to cry..Cry with them! Because Mark zuckerberg is so socially approved dude..I never met anyone who wouldn’t punch him on the face!

ICO Dev: Bring all your friends! Offer them money, and let’s do an ICO! Since you and the other 2–3 awesome team you have are not good enough!

Investors for the love of God we are in a bubble, they stole Bitcoin from us as a coin, and turned it to a commodity, it will hit $5,000 and $10,000 after China and Iran plus North Korea gets in publicly.

But as with everything there will be market correction, there will be so many ICO startups who will lose,their tokens will not worth anything! Few who will survive and win.( Promoting my ICO we will be the Amazon of that market correction.

If you are interested and want social proof, follow me @amous //// email me ///

Our ICO is tomorrow, we sold 2,500,000 on pre-sale from 29,999,997.

We are a coin not a token! And we are here to give you free access to your health records, and to give your physician more time to spend with you, not filling forms!

This is an investment to be proud of!

If you reach here? Follow this link we will offer 25% bonus just because man you reach here! Even though our pre-sale ended yesterday! Just for next 10 Hours! Once you click and gives you invalid! We are done!

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