More Info on The Bunny Field & Friends

The Bunny Field & Friends is the first level in the TBF series to introduce other animals, and each group is appropriately referred to as Friends. The Bunnies are back with three new Friends, the Bears, Ducks, and Pigs.

Each Friend specialize in a different career with branching professions. The Bunnies specialize in FUN- they are the ultimate masters of fun things. The Ducks specialize in KNOWLEDGE- they love to learn and share their smarts. The Pigs specialize in MESSINESS- they love to get dirty. The Bears specialize in STRENGTH- they love to be strong and powerful, and protect the other Friends.

Each Friend has their own FriendZone, which is their home ground and base of operations. The Bunnies have The Bunny Field, the Ducks have The Duck Pond, the Bears have The Bear Cave, and the Pigs have The Pig Pit. You can travel between the four FriendZones via FriendGates- there’s two FriendGates in each FriendZone that lead to two specific zones, so you’ll have to do a bit of exploring to get to all four zones.

In terms of story, TBF & Friends takes place before the first TBF, before the rivalry between the Bunnies and Bears that led to the isolation of the four Friends.

Other than this being the first time the new Friends are properly introduced into the TBF universe, this is also the first time players will get to meet Sir Bunnalot, the man behind the Field, which was only seen in paintings in TBF3. As well as meeting Sir Bunnalot, players will also get to meet Bunnalot’s Friends, Madam Duckáin from The Duck Pond, Big B from The Bear Cave, and Hamlit from The Pig Pit.

The Bunny Field & Friends is going to be a big adventure full of fun, so get ready! TBF & Friends launches in 2017!