TBF Fieldball v1.3 Has Been Delayed

TBF Fieldball v1.3, which was meant to be released on August 26th, has been delayed for several reasons.

Firstly, Quick Play. As you may know, this update was going to include a new feature called Quick Play. This feature would make getting into a game faster and with a surprise. When selecting the Quick Play feature from the main menu, a random Stadium, Stadium Shape, and Ball Type would be chosen. However, the Quick Play feature did not seem to work properly. Upon replaying the level, either via the replay button on the pause screen, or jumping back into the level from the Pod, the same exact game would be chosen from Quick Play, and I had no idea why or how this was happening. I tried all the suggestions I received, but nothing worked. I finally just ended up scrapping it, for now.

Secondly, I hadn’t realized exactly how much work still needed to be done. In this update, I planned to entirely recreate the Stadiums and rework the logic because I was unhappy with how I originally made them. In order to keep every Stadium the same, I had to delete every old Stadium, and copy and change the materials of the updated Stadiums. There are four Stadium Shapes and twelve Stadiums… 4x12 = 48 Stadiums I had to update, plus the addition of six new Ball Types, which created a lot of work, and I haven’t had much time to work on this.

Finally, within the past week, I got the really good bad idea of adding Skins and Multi-Ball. Skins was something I wanted to do for quite some time, they change up the look of the player. In order for Skins to work with every Stadium, I had to once again update the logic to allow Skins, creating more work. Multi-Ball was the result of a bug that occurred during testing, where all the Ball Types were enabled instead of just one. This idea seemed fun, so I went ahead and worked on this. Now, when Multi-Ball is chosen, every Ball Type is enabled, and you’ll be presented with a bigger Stadium and bigger target score, 20 goals. This, of course, created some more work that had to be done.

Overall, this update just wasn’t ready for an August release. I wanted to make this update really fun and crazy, and for it to meet my expectations, I’ll need to spend more time working on it.