A fantasy

I am in a state of complete excitation, all my senses are amplified. I can feel time passing in slow motion, I can perform any task quicker. I am typing this faster than I have ever typed something.

What is happening to me? Why today? Why right now? What caused it? I have so many questions and no answers. I am not under the effects of any drugs, is my body producing this? Am I going insane?

I can feel all my body moving faster than usual, my brain is processing everything at an incredible speed. I may not be seeing my mistakes but I am correcting most of them subconsciously, it feels like a second nature. I can pull phrases out of my mind as if I had just heard them.

The world feels different. I can’t believe I wrote all of this in less than 20 minutes, hell, I haven’t even finished writing it and I know it will be written in less than 20. Maybe I have lost my sense of time. Some may call this insanity, some may think I am crazy but am I? Let me tell you something, this has just begun.

I feel like I can also read at insane speeds, I feel smarter than usual even if I can’t solve any problems but I know I am not smart, I know this is all an illusion, a fantasy. It will go away, it always does.

I almost forgot to publish this, I had the tab sleeping in the background, I can still type faster than I usually type.