“I’m different”, she said

We’re human beings from earth.

I think it’s pretty difficult to ‘be different’.

We’re born to live. We’re born to die. We’re here because we were born.

Do we have a deeper meaning?

And, if we have a deeper meaning, is it what we call ‘the meaning of life’?

Aren’t we all the same in the end?

In the end. We all die just to be born.

It’s confusing. It’s weird.

But although I think in the end we are all different. Because in the end we all lived for someother reason. We lived for family, for friends, for love, for religion, for thoughts, for feelings, for a deeper meaning. For the meaning of life. And I think it’s okay. It’s okay not to know what the meaning of life is until the very end. Because without it we would run wild.

“Yeah, I’m different”, she said with a smile.
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