Drinking with Miss Positive Pants

Where are my wine drinkers? I know you’re there! (If you aren’t into wine, don’t give up on me yet, keep reading)I love a good glass of wine or four. I’ve been hunting for social good companies and I found another awesome one. The best part? Its delivered straight to your door. Check out OneHopeWine. Every bottle of wine goes toward a different cause! Of course I had to try out several.

Here is my first purchase!

The Merlot fights global disease and funds vaccines. The Brut provides meals for starving children. The Sauvignon Blanc helps reforestation efforts and funds tree planting. The Cabernet Sauvignon funds therapy for autistic children. The Pinot Noir funds pet adoptions. Finally, the Chardonnay helps fight breast cancer.

See the dots on the labels? That means something too! Taking is back to the Merlot, 1 in 6 people are plagued with a tropical disease. With the Brut, 1 in 7 children do not know how to find their next meal. The Sauvignon Blanc shows that half of the world’s rain forests have been distroyed. Cabernet Sauvignon says that with intensive ABA therapy, there is an 80–90% improvement with autistic children. Pinot Noir says that 50% of animals in shelters will find homes. Finally, Chardonnay exhibits that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Suddenly, those labels speak volumes right?

The best part? You’re helping dozens of causes by purchasing these products. They are delivered straight to your door, (you do have to be there to sign for them).

Okay, okay I know a few of you are thinking, what if I’m not a wine drinker? Don’t worry, I have you covered. They also sell coffee! Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee to start their day? The blend sold by One Hope is called Karma! Isn’t that cool? Their coffee helps to fund businesses in the developing world.

If you want the whole package, you can order gift baskets! They have dozens to choose from. I looked at the Picnic Perfect Gift Crate and it comes with a bottle of wine and snacks. (I am the snack queen). Every one of these crates sold provides education to 5 people about preventing and managing heart disease.

One of my favorite parts, which I’m definitely ordering next time, if the glitter bottle line. Yes, you heard me right. GLITTER BOTTLES. The suspense is killing me too. They have an entire line of bottles that are covered in glitter. You’ll definitely want to check those out. My favorite is the Pinot Noir bottle. Its so beautiful!!

This is my favorite glitter bottle

Looking for a gift for your husband or dad? Check out the Wine and Tie gift basket. Can’t go wrong there. Thinking your sweet puppy has been really good lately and deserves a little treat? Pinot for Paws woof basket is calling your name. It comes with a bottle of wine, (for you of course), and treats and toys for your best friend! That gift basket finds a forever home for a shelter pup. Don’t worry, your furry little kitten is covered too! They have a version for cats!

They have literally covered everyone! From bakers to spa dayers. From coffee lovers to wine drinkers. From pets to husbands to fabulous glitter lovers. There is something at One Hope for everyone. Take a peak and let me know what item speaks to you most.

Thanks for being on my crazy little journey with me. Its been so much fun finding companies that believe in giving back like I do. There are so many more that I have found to show you. Stay positive and continue to give back to the areas you believe in.