Shopping with Miss Positive Pants

Last week, I told you about my goal to give back to charities and my random acts of kindness. That got me thinking. Who do I give my money to? Are there any companies that feel the way I do? Are there places where I can spend my money and not only receive good products, but feel good about my purchase? I started hunting for “social good” companies. There are so many! I have been learning about several that I want to share over the coming weeks. First up? BE GOOD TO PEOPLE.

A few months back, I was hunting for ways to spread positivity that were easy on my wallet. I was trying to think of little inexpensive ways to bring a smile to people’s faces. Each morning, before work, I share a motivational picture on my social media accounts. One of the hash tags that I commonly use is #BeGoodtoPeople. One morning, I clicked that hash tag and actually came across a company named just that! How perfect! This company aims at making positivity infectious. I found some pencils displaying this message and knew I had to order some.

I’ve been spreading these around at work.

I love the message Be Good To People sends.

My first purchase arrived quickly, and in beautiful packaging! The company even threw in a few freebies! I love Be Good To People so much, that I made a second purchase. Just like the first purchase, the second arrived quickly, in beautiful wrapping, with some freebies!

The Legacy Spa candle smells AMAZING

I wanted to see where my money was going with this company. 5% of each order goes to the Be Good to People Foundation. This foundation supports human kindness centered events.

I think two of my favorite parts about this company, are that their message is so bold, and they are so very unique. All the products are black and white and they all say the same thing. Be Good to People. I can’t help but feel that if more people tried to live this message daily, the world would be a lot better off. Do you try to Be Good To People?

Stay tuned in the coming weeks. I have so many wonderful companies and causes to share.