Trump. Pro or Con?

It seems like Donald’s time in office has been nothing but hate. He has been criticized for everything he does. Even if it was something that he promised since the beginning of his campaign. Trump has been in office for 115 days and has done nothing, but fulfilled his promises. So he has started to build a wall to stop illegal immigration, as promised. He has increased military spending by giving them a $54 billion defense spike. He has drained the swamp, and has cracked down on North Korea. Still he gets nothing but hate. If Obama did this in this in a full four year term he would be loved. That’s not all Donald has done so far. Trump has already signed 34 executive orders. He is in the works of repealing and replacing Obama Care. There is so much more. Trump is taking his first presidential trip, not to watch baseball and tango dance, but to solve the middle east conflict. Donald drew a red line when it came to chemical weapons, which he followed through with. Donald threw 60 tomahawks at Syria after figuring out that it was the president of Syria who did that to his own people.

There is no perfect person in the world, so he has made so mistakes. But I am going to keep it positive so Donald get’s the love he deserve. Donald has said some thing’s that should not that he should have said. The important thing is that the positive out weighs the negative, and nobody seams to see that. Also if people can realize that he is the president, then start working together, we can run as a real country. That is a long way away because people see Donald Trump as radioactive, and not a someone that they can work with. That is a problem when people can not see the other side of things. Most people see the opinion of others, and get mad, but do not wait and see the other side of things. When everybody acknowledges others opinions, more opinions will be herd. So far Donald has done and done some controversial things, but all and all he is doing what he said he did.