Dear diary today was crazy first I woke bored like crazy then I waited for my dads girlfriend to wake up which took forever then we went and got Emma my dads girlfriends niece from her baby sitters I don’t mind her but sometimes she’s. Really nerving and annoying while we were driving back we saw my dads girlfriends moms car so we went to there house called her millions of times but the discovered that her phone was at her house so we went to the dollar general and surprised her then we went to her house for a little bit and practiced gymnastics then got back on the road and drove to Richmond ounce we were there we went to Walmart and got stuff to make slime and cupcakes when we got home. We made slime I made 2 fails ocean slime and cupcake slime Emma made melon slime and frozen slime and 2 fails then my dad got home we watched tv for a bit until a friend from his childhood came into town so he was there for at least 20 minutes. So we watched the rest of Look Who’s Talking Too then we came to union city to drop off Emma oh and before we left my brother Andrew got back so I was texting him a while now we’re. On are way back see ya diary

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