I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my baby already has an opinion to share!

Last week I was interviewing a high profile chief executive about the digital divide — people who don’t have access to the internet for whatever reason. We were speaking about young people who could use the internet, but couldn’t afford it and were reliant on hour long slots at the library or their mobile phones. All of a sudden I felt bubbling sensation, with a slight ‘kick kick’.

I quit listening to her, put my hand on my stomach, trying to get it to stop. But as she continued to give me stats — according to Ofcom of those who were not on the internet last year, 22% said it was due to cost, this year it’s 32% — the bubbling and kicking continued.

I just couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying anymore. This is the first time I’ve felt kicking. In the past weeks I’ve felt little flutters of butterflies and slight bubbling, but not kicking! I’m still not wearing maternity clothes, and am only wearing loose blouses over tailored trousers, so nothing would have given her the indication that I’m pregnant.

She paused after answering my question. Looked at me for a response. Having not a clue what she just said, I quickly said, “Well, isn’t that interesting …”

She looked puzzled. Then started glaring at me a bit. I brushed it off, asked her another question, and REALLY tried to listen this time. But I lost her. She started giving me vague answers, nodding, only saying yes or no. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done, so I tried to engage, smile, compliment, but all was lost.

I later transcribed the interview and found out that she was discussing an increase in poverty rates linked to the internet being inaccessible. My completely inappropriate remark clearly made her upset. However I am pleased that my baby had something to say — because it’s a really important topic!

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